Montbrison (Loire)

On the boulevards...

A combination of planned wall height (9.40m) and the small space available on site rapidly lead to the concept of building with prefabricated rammed earth panels.
After constructing 202m2 of prefabricated rammed earth walls, the technical specifics of this method have definitely been validated.
As the north wall is being shared and therefore does not have any thermal requirements it has been built using fired bricks.
Timber, similar to rammed earth, wears due to humidity changes. Concrete however, wears due to temperature changes. Therefore it has been decided to use timber floors (Douglas).
The soil to be compacted was extracted from Sainte Agathe la Bouteresse, 19 km from the building site, and was delivered as needed.
The conception of this building was achieved through a good relation of trust, understanding and listening between the designers and the contractor : Antoine Morand, Architecte, Nicolas Meunier.
Due to its location, particularity and its importance, the building has been visited many times by architects, artisans, students and the general public. It has also received attention through a collection of articles in local and national media and in specialised or general public magazines.

Immeuble en pisé à Montbrison
Immeuble en pisé à Montbrison