Work together

Comment faire ?

You are an individual ?

You already have land and have started thinking about your project ?
Contact me explaining your conditions (budget, schedule, program…) and I will contact you to organise a meeting in order to meet each other and to decide whether your requirements can be satisfied by the company’s capabilities.


You are representing a public organisation ?

You are considering building public infrastructure or accommodation. Rammed earth seems to you to be a suitable technique to fulfil your needs.
Before consulting a General Contractor :
Contact me, and we can meet in order to properly explain to you the abilities of rammed earth in the context of your project.

You are an Architect ?

Your client is sensible to the capacities and the aestheticism of rammed earth, and you require some further information for your design.
Contact me and we will organise a meeting.

You are a company ?

My skills seem helpful to you,
Contact me, and we’ll do our best to find practical and efficient solutions together.