Vasselin (Isère)

One of the trusses of the oak framework, with a span of 12 m, is supported on the wall in pisé since the seventeenth century. An opening created later under the support, caused numerous cracks likely to cause the collapse eventually.
Works :
The trusses is stabilized thanks to a shoring tower.
Laying of plaster warnings.
Provisional mortar of lime mortar with low density of all the cracks in order to block the various elements.
Clearing of the arb under the farm and installation of a support plate distributing the load.
One by one : clearing of each crack, clearing to obtain a stable and clean support, humidification, compaction of soil with pneumatic plunger.
Placement of the farm on the wall and dismantling of the shoring tower.
Removing the indicators.

Creation of three openings, brick arches and exterior oak frames.

Concrete paving of lime.