Périgneux (Loire)

Building your house in rammed earth

Zero grams of cement

In the Monts du Forez to the West of Saint-Etienne

A plane hill forming a north-south oriented tongue, leaning against the mountain, is the land where the owners, farmers, wished to implant their constructions.
On its slopes, this advance is surrounded by wild vegetation (trees and bushes) that has been preserved.
The land below is occupied by organic (vegetable) production.

The dwelling is located on the slope along its north-south axis and the family living space is visually close to the production sites. The kitchen is staggered to enjoy the southern light and adapt to the natural shape of the platform.
Similar to traditional local constructions, the boreholes are parallel to the greatest length of the building, the openings are square or vertical.

180 m2 of rammed wall
Earth extracted from the site, 100 meters from the site
Extraction, transport, soil preparation, elevation, compaction = 800 liters of diesel, no electricity consumption



Project manager

Nicolas Meunier